Other Side of the Coin…

Just as I was reeling from my latest bombardment of rejection letters, leading directly to my latest blog (https://pettiplays.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/rejection-letter-rigoletto/), life goes and throws me a curve. My play “Echoes of Ireland” was picked up for publication by Eldridge Plays and Musicals. Sometimes (at least for today) all the rejection is worth it! Here is from their very nice acceptance letter, in the interest of equal time:

“Dear Mr. Petti,

The best plays stir many emotions and thus we couldn’t agree more with the description you provided with your play, Echoes of Ireland. The Cunynghamclan’s journey from raw hunger in Ireland to heroic duty In New City is “part tragedy, part comedy, part history lesson and all undeniably human.”

These empathetic monologues are captivating and universally human. We were very moved reading them and would be proud to offer your play to our
customers for, hopefully, standout performances in the future.”

Not as entertaining for my blog, but better for my psyche! Information on the play including a sample monologue can be found here: http://pettiplays.wikispaces.com/Echoes+of+Ireland

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